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Just as with the previous blog post, this one is rather sentimental and therefore will most certainly come across as more of a personal account rather than a review of the album.

‘Infinity on High’ by Fall Out Boy was the first ever album that I bought with my own money which I see as a very special thing and unfortunately, I live amongst the last generation of people that will be able to reminisce on such a thing.

Granted, I was nine years old by this point and already had quite the collection of cassettes and CDs including Lionel Richie’s ‘Back to Front’, Michael Jackson’s ‘Thriller’ and every single Westlife release. I realised from as little as three years of age just how incredible music can be, but this album signifies the start of my personal musical adventure and experimenting with different tastes.

(I was even probably the youngest music pirate. Burning my favourite cassettes onto blank ones and sharing them with my friends because I wanted others to hear what I heard. I swear I didn’t know it was completely illegal.)

Anyway, I digress.

This album screams nostalgia to any of the ’emo’ or alternative kids’ of the mid 00s and I can safely say, without it, my tastes, and more importantly, my musical experiences may have be completely different.

Who knew Fall Out Boy could have done something so right?


‘The Carpal Tunnel of Love’


‘Fame < Infamy’

Want to get involved? Comment below your favourite albums of all time!

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