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Today’s review is a very funny one for me, admittedly.

I haven’t had the heart to listen to this album for a few years but nevertheless, it is very important to me. I discovered Glamour of the Kill at the young age of 13 and was a devout fan right up until they decided to call it a day, by which time I was 18.

As much as the thought now makes me cringe, at the time I was the definition of a superfan. I went to as many shows as I could, I interacted with them online daily. But the most beautiful thing about them was that they made me feel part of something special. They recognized me at shows, making sure to stop by and say hi. They even guestlisted me for a Portsmouth show a few years ago which may cost the band nothing but is such a nice gesture to receive from your favourite musicians.

What was refreshing and new about Glamour of the Kill, though, was that it mattered to them to give back to those that put so much into their musical careers. A note which I think a lot of young bands could do with taking into consideration. You’re only as good as your fans think you are, you’re only worth what fans are willing to put into you and your career.

Listening back on this album, it is as good as I remember it. However, if I’m being critical, there’s not much that makes them, or this album, stand out from similar metalcore bands that were dominating the scene at the time.

Regardless, the 14 year old ‘fangirl’ within me is hoping that a GOTK reunion is somewhere on the musical horizon.



‘Dying From The Inside’

‘Here, Behind These Walls’

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