6. DAVE – GAME OVER (2017)

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For me, one of the most exciting things about music is discovering young artists that threaten to break boundaries and change games. Dave, a rapper from South London presents us with, by far, one of the most exciting releases of 2017, ‘Game Over’ which definitely threatens to menace with the modern rap scene.

I have mentioned honest and real artists quite a lot throughout these reviews of my favourite albums, however, Dave is in a league of his own. He manages to balance relatable and thought provoking lyrics with just enough bravado to be believable but not too much so as to make him seem cocky. ‘Question Time’ especially is a stellar track that will leave you reflecting thoughtfully over intense subjects such as politics and morals.

While it is an extremely accusatory piece, Dave’s execution was dignified and mature, making it hard not to consider his viewpoint on the subjects he touches on. This is why Dave has the power to be the ‘voice of youths’. More youths should be encouraged to get involved in matters like politics without feeling like they are too young to understand or that it simply ‘isn’t cool’. The world needs more role models like this for young people, and that’s the sore truth.

What is most spectacular about the, now, 19 year old rapper is that like most London youths, he grew up around influences that were extremely troublesome but instead of getting caught up in it, he pursued something more meaningful; the piano. A nice reminder that no matter what background you come from, you are in control of your future.


‘No Words’

‘Question Time’

‘Game Over’

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