Everybody’s got the groove curse

These lyrics taken from the iconic “Add the Bassline” are symbolic of exactly how you will feel after taking a listen to this EP, or any track Jordan Rakei track for that matter. This stunning fusion of authentic soul and R&B is sure to get anyone moving, whether you like it or not.

Rakei started out as a humble artist, recording beats in his bedroom and has quickly grown into a highly regarded creator, worldwide. I was very lucky to see him perform in London in October and despite having been an avid gig enthusiast for the best of nine years, this event was unlike any other that I had attended. People stood in silence, and those that didn’t were hushed quiet. It was like something of an art exhibition, all were there simply to pay homage to an extremely talented artist and speculate upon his stories and expression.

His second LP ‘Wallflower’ was released in September of this year so even if funky soul isn’t your regular thing, I would definitely urge you to give it a chance. Artists like Rakei are diamonds in the rough.


‘Add the Bassline’


‘Street Light (feat. Gwen Bunn)’


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