If I could sum up the perfect album of 2015, for me, this would be it. An intriguing amalgamation of heavy prog riffs, soft intervals, infectious choruses and pure groove that only progressive metal could possibly think up and to no one’s surprise, Novelists killed it.

I had the sheer fortune of working with vocalist Matteo Gelsomino on a past project (which will be linked below for those of you that are interested) and can honestly say he is one of the nicest guys in the world. And he’s French which makes him ten times cooler, again.

Back to the music: the reason that this album has made into my top 25 favourite albums is because of the inspiration that it made me feel. I think it is a truly beautiful thing when a song, album or artist moves you to also want to create. Even listening back on it now makes me reminisce on the projects I was once involved in and the people that I was so lucky to work with musically. Therefore, this album is definitely going to be special to me for years and years to come, no doubt.




‘The Lichtenberg Figure’

Collaboration with Matteo Gelsomino


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