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Continents are just one piece of evidence that Wales really is the ‘land of song’.  Their metalcore fused with progressive influences and low tunings is one held with high regard by any fan of the South Wales music scene, because they are the Kings.

As a musician that once played in this music scene, I can safely say that Continents made an unthinkable impact on all aspiring bands of similar genres. They were the goal, the ultimate influence, and this album was the soundtrack to their success. After all, not just anyone can bag a place in the ‘Top 100 Bands You Should Know’ (Alternative Press, 2013).

If I were to sum up this album in three words, they would be “raw, heavy, real”. “Raw” and “Heavy” undoubtedly speak for themselves but what actually defines “Real”? For me, this realness is based on the production. It is simple with a ‘D-I-Y’ feel that adds an edge like no other. This sounds like exactly what you would expect at a Continents gig in a small dingy venue, probably in the middle of lonely Merthyr Tydfil, and I love it.



‘Pegasus, Pegasus’



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