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If you’re part of the minority that enjoy bands that aim to embody hell into a musical format, then this one is for you.

From the very start, No Hope No Morality claims itself as a Deathcore piece to be taken very seriously. Album opener ‘LVCIFER’ wastes absolutely no time in cutting to the chase, setting the sinister and menacing tone which only deepens further throughout the following songs.

One of the things that I find most interesting about Martyr Defiled’s music is that they have taken such a niche genre as Deathcore and implemented commercial elements such as hooks and repetitive lyrics in choruses while still coming across as hard as ever. This can be seen in songs such as ‘616’, ‘No Hope’ and ‘Under the Influence’.

It is important to note though that repetition of lyrics such as “Wonder how many lies you’ll speak, when you’re lying six feet deep” don’t have quite the same ring as “Drop it like it’s hot”. All jokes aside, the use of repetition in music is an extremely powerful tool which engages the listener in a borderline hypnotic and ritualistic fashion – and if that doesn’t make this music more ominous, then I don’t know what will.


‘Demons In The Mist’

‘Under The Influence’

‘Of Sheep and Swine’

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