Updated: 21st March, 2018                  Written by: Natalya Davies

“‘This Year’ is about proving that you can do it, no matter where you’ve been. It’s where you’re heading that counts… but never lose yourself in it all… You have to stay true to you.”



RATING: ★★★★✰

I stumbled into young Hounslow-born rapper Haasan completely by chance as I was rushing to meet friends for one of the few fresher events that I actually attended upon moving to London. It was also completely by chance that within the two minute elevator small-talk we came to the realisation that we shared the same goal in life; to get paid for what we love doing most; music.

Drive and ambition are true gems that can often only be understood by those that have found their purpose in life and upon talking with Haasan, his purpose is clear – do what you love but never lose sight of who you are and those that matter – a truly humbling and wise outlook.


Debut single ‘This Year’, released in February, is one that comes straight from the heart, not a typically exaggerated overview of the typical rapper life, but an overview which is extremely relatable to almost anyone.

The core meaning of the song is about proving to yourself that you can do it, while forgetting negative impacts or obstacles that may have once obstructed you from getting where you wish to be. “If its your dream then you have to believe it… or no one else will” says the young rapper when asked about the story behind the lyrics, showing that simply practising self-belief can be the first step to reaching your wildest desires.

Alongside the ever-flowing wisdom, there is a pleasing hint of humour delicately weaved into certain lyrics, so as to not make the song too serious but also enjoyable. References to ‘Iceland’ and ‘Charcoal Chicken’, while standing out like sore thumbs among such powerful meaning, are gladly welcomed, reflecting Haasan’s entertaining yet mature nature.

Music is a key form of escapism and self-healing for the best of us – therefore, young inspirations like Haasan are key role models for the future of music. Here’s to the future!


Debut single: ‘This Year’

Follow Haasan on social media:

Instagram – @Haasanmusic


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