10. JME – INTEGRITY> (2015)

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In recent years, the UK based genre ‘grime’ has worked it’s way to the foreground of mainstream attention thanks to the likes of viral online dramas (usually involving Chip), novel content via social media platforms and breathtaking releases from Wiley, Skepta and Stormzy. However, not all artists agree that an underground genre could ever be, or more importantly, should ever be monopolised.

‘Integrity>’ could not have been more to the point with JME’s opinion on this matter. This album represents staying true to oneself and your morals, never compromising for benefits like popularity or money, the very definition of integrity.

JME delivers in a brutally honest fashion, void of any connotations or lyrical metaphors to ‘beat around the bush’, so to speak. ThisĀ urges the listener to believe and, more importantly, respect his views on major labels and the music industry because he doesn’t hold back or contradict through his actions. Everything he says is real and this lack of ‘sugar coating’ in lyrical content justifies that he is completely okay with being held accountable for his opinions, if necessary, as long as he sticks to his guns because that’s what really matters.

This album is not about flaunting money, expensive cars and gold chains like so much Rap turns to once in the mainstream limelight, it’s about glorifying and celebrating the role of the underdog which is such an important message to spread among youths. JME really is one of the UK’s finest modern role models and deserves a lot more recognition than he has received.



‘Man Don’t Care’

‘Taking Over’

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