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I have touched on the subject of Deathcore quite frequently throughout my past blogs, but this time, its different.

Like any niche or sub-genre, a collective of elements are usually set in stone which many artists will incorporate into their music because they feel that this is what defines it as that particular genre. For example, Deathcore is known for breakdowns which bands will often incorporate into songs, however, when a lot of bands or artists in the same genre start doing the same things, this then becomes generic. That is where Bleed From Within stand out from the crowd.

No matter what album you decide to delve into, Bleed From Within stick to a formula that works for them, not one that everyone is currently tapping into. Their 2010 release ‘Empire’ is an impressive catalogue of truly original ideas which represents musicianship worthy of much respect. It is harder than you think to stray from popular ideas, especially when operating in a core genre.

Another thing which differs them from much of the music in this genre is the added element of vulnerability which is intensely scattered throughout much of this album. In Deathcore there is a clear forced bravado heavily adopted among the bands and music as well as tendencies to delve into disturbing subjects, simply for the novelty of ‘being brutal’.

Despite this, BFW continue to prove that being generic really isn’t all that. In songs like ‘The Healing’ and ‘Nothing Left to Lose’ they validate that the raw intensity that is created by such vulnerability can make for an even more brutal and intriguing formula for a song.


‘The Novelist’

‘Last of Our Kind’‘Last of Our Kind’

‘The Healing’

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