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Alongside Grime pioneer Wiley, Skepta is a good example of one of the finest innovators of modern pop culture. Not only is he one of the faces of the most exciting genre of the year, he has been named one of the ‘Top 10 Rappers in Fashion’ by HypeBeast and he has completely rebranded himself and his music, becoming one of the most important names in UK music.

Konnichiwa is a flawless representation of grime and it’s culture which will inevitably be that must-listen album of the subgenre for many years to come. It can be a very intense listen when considering the clear anti-authority and non-conformist theme that is plastered throughout songs such as ‘Shutdown’ and ‘Crime Riddim’, however, the sincerity in the lyrics and the angry but clear tone of Skepta’s voice seems to draw the listener into his stories like nothing else.

One thing that can be appreciated about Skepta, and which should also be celebrated, is that no matter the success, or even the failures, he remains devoted to his background and heritage as a Londoner. Although being branded as a modern club classic, ‘That’s Not Me’ represents something a lot more humble and from the heart. A firm reminder that you should always remember where you came from.


‘It Ain’t Safe’

‘Ladies Hit Squad (Feat. D Double E, A$AP Nast’


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