Image result for ingested the architect of extinction

Brutal. Death. Metal.

This genre is exactly what it says on the tin so if it doesn’t sound like your thing then put down the tin opener and back away slowly. For any of you brave enough to delve into this sinister and dystopian world then hello, proceed with caution.

To say that this album isn’t for the majority is a massive understatement, however, there is something I particularly like about Ingested’s attempt to take the closest thing to brown noise and structure it in a musical format.

On a serious note, The Architect of Existence is Deathcore goodness at it’s very best. With clear influence from bands like Acrania and Whitechapel, this album takes the listener through layers of pure brutality, minimal melodic elements to act as a break from the intensity, all topped with vocals that no organism should be capable of creating. If you don’t believe me about the vocals I suggest you head over to the link below for ‘I, Despoiler’ and skip along to about 2 minutes and 30 seconds.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you Ingested, the purest form of absolute quality filth.


‘I, Despoiler’

‘Endless Despondency’

‘The Divine Right of Kings’

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