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The reference to the progressive metal sub-genre ‘Djent’ will almost always be welcomed by an extreme rolling of the eyes – if you know what it is, at least. However, Heart of a Coward are an exception.

Instead of following the often pretentious technicality of fellow Djent bands like Periphery and Reflections, HOAC have prioritised intense vocals and mind blowing riffs which makes them stand out of the crowd as champions of modern UK metal.

Their second release ‘Severance’ has earned it’s place in my top 25 favourite albums of all time as it truly is a musical masterpiece. Songs like ‘Distance’ and ‘Mirrors’ contain a mixture of pure heaviness, staccato riffs and unexpected outbursts of haunting vocals that are hard not to sing along to. What makes Heart of a Coward stand out from other bands is that everything is done in moderation; a rare, and even alien, concept in progressive genres.

The shame with this band, however, is that their future, for now, seems very uncertain. With the departure of high regarded vocalist Jamie Graham in March this year it is difficult to foresee how, or even if, they will get back on track. I can’t be the only one feeling that this isn’t quite the end.





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